Your personal computer, network and Internet solution!

Your personal computer, network and Internet solution!

For twenty years I’ve provided the City of Jackson reasonably priced technology solutions.

Whether you’re having problems with a computer in your home or office, a business laptop or network server, wireless network or Internet connection, a personal blog or business website..

It is sometimes┬áhard to know where one online service ends, and the next begins. If you’re looking for ways to maximize the digital world to increase your brick and mortar profits..

PHP & MySQL programming, Facebook app intergration, credit card authorizations, database integration, digital photography, photo & video editing, do you have an technology problem..

I can help you navigate the line between calm and chaos: that narrow path between enduring antiquated technology and trying to survive on the cutting edge..

Does your business have a technology plan? Has the way your company uses the Internet changed in the last five or ten years? The Internet has changed, shouldn’t you?

Jeromy Alexander